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Our attention to service and quality has made us an industry leader. At our company, the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations.

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Sales / Ventas

We offer a variaty of sale programs / Ofrecemos una variedad de programas de ventas:

  • On site
  • Home sit
  • Direct sales
  • Real State
  • Out Bound
  • In Bound
  • Corporate
It all depends on the type of buiness and budget you have. / Todo depende del tipo de negocio o presupuesto que usted tenga.

We have colaborated with some of the top brands in the industry such as. / Hemos colaborado con algunas de las empresas lideres en el rubro tales como.
  • Sheraton / Starwood (Peru)
  • Melia (Puerto Rico) (Mexico)
  • Interciti (Chile)
  • Marriott (Puerto Rico)
  • Viva Resorts (Dominican Republic)
  • Royal Holiday (Puerto Rico)
  • Invertur (Bolivia) (Chile)
  • Holiday Inn (Mexico)
  • Bahia Resort (Puerto Rico)

Marketing / Mercadeo

We have develop a few programs to achive the companies goals. Budget is a must in this area in order to reach the goals.

  • Public Events
  • Direct Marketing
  • Conventions
  • In House
  • Private Events
  • Street Program
  • Promotions
  • OPC
We have worked in different markets such as. / Hemos trabajado en diferentes mercados tales como:
  • Mexico
  • Puerto Rico
  • Panama
  • Costa Rica
  • Peru
  • Colombia
  • Brasil
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Estados Unidos

Tele Marketing

This area is important to make the weel move in the direcction the project needs making the sales room productive. / Esta area es importante para mantener la rueda moviendose en la direccion que el proyecto requiere, manteniendo la sala de ventas productiva.

  • Cold Calls / Llamada fria
  • Hot Leads / Data reciente
  • In Bound / Llamada entrante
  • Home sit / Reuniones en casa

Administration / Administracion

We have programs to run the full operation with a low maintenance cost. / Tenemos programas para correr la operacion completa a bajos costos.

  • Inventories / Inventarios
  • Commissions / Comisiones
  • Taxes / Impuestos
  • Production / Produccion

About Us

The Team

Lic Eduardo Romay

CEO, Founder
Multitask professional: With the knowledge and sharpness to detect the weaknesses, creating strategies to overcome and restore the productivity levels. With leadership in all areas necessary to raise a sinking boat to the surface. English and Spanish.

Ejecutivo con amplia experiencia en Mercadeo, Ventas, Desarrollo de Proyectos, elaboración de estrategias y programas para incrementar producción. Asesor con conocimiento y agudes para detectar las debilidades del producto o servicio, creando la estrategia correcta para retomar el nivel de productividad.

Daniel Cabrera

Executive with great experience in the spanic markets. Excellent motivator. with over 30 years of experience. Mr. Cabrera was the director of the top company in Argentina (Bauen) when the concept was introduce in the market.

Ejecutivo con ampia experiencia en el mercado hispano. Excelente motivdor, con mas de 30 años de experiencia. el Sr. Cabrera fue el director de la empresa lider en Argentins (Bauen) cuando el concepto era introducido en el mercado.

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